Johannes Mochayedi completed his Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies at the Australian Shiatsu College in 2006.  He has been treating consistently since this time and has developed a solid and creative treatment style which also includes his knowledge of Reiki and massage.

In addition to his shiatsu practice, he is the director of the Dance of Life Yoga School and his passion for yoga is evident in his talented and informative style of teaching.  His years of experience have given him a solid foundation in his role as a yoga teacher and a shiastu therapist.

For enquiries and appointments, please call Johannes on 0438 832 000



Nina Alfers teaches yoga classes and works as a massage therapist at the Dance of Life.

Massage is an ideal way of improving your overall health. It helps raise awareness and an understanding of your body. Used in conjunction with other physical activities, massage increases well-being and flexibility whilst reducing pain and stress.

If you suffer from pain or tension, wish to improve your posture or simply need to relax, massage is the perfect gift for your body.

Nina offers a flexible approach that is tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We will work together to develop a deeper understanding of your physical being and your ability to deal with injuries and strain on your body.

To find out more about her massages, contact her on 0438 538 079.




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