Friday 27 September morning classes cancelled with Johannes

7.30am, 10am and 12.30pm classes cancelled for 27 September


Next Kirtan is Saturday 12 October

New Classes

We now offer Lunchtime classes on Mondays and Fridays 12.30-1.30!

 Regular Yoga Workshops

Contact Nina if you’re interested in attending, or if you have specific workshop topics you’d like see addressed.
You can find and join the Facebook group here.


Sunday, Sept 29th 12pm: Purposeful Practice for the Knees

On Sept 29th we will be looking into how to keep the knees safe and sound in the practice of asana.
We will learn about the anatomy of the lower limb and knees, thoughts to bear in mind for alignment and safe loading, how to deeply and meaningfully engage and also create space and awareness.
With this information, we begin to investigate physical engagement options and asanas that pose difficulties on the knee joints. Finally, we look into joint maintenance, practice preparation and strengthening exercises.
Time: 12pm
Location: Dance of Life, Fitzroy
All practitioners, all experiences welcome

Feel free to join the Facebook event.

Yoga Therapy with Bryan

When: By appointment only
Offered by: Bryan Rogers. Contact Bryan Rogers on +61 429 413 049 or for an appointment
Where: Private sessions for people at the DOL studio and from his home in West Heidelberg.
Cost: $50 per session.

Most of our current health problems are caused by stress and wrong lifestyle or attitudinal habits. Yoga Therapy endeavours to get to the root of these issues by relaxation, breath work, simple structured exercises, herbs, diet, meditation, sound and lifestyle changes that you can implement for yourself with help from Bryan.
Yoga Therapy can help with physical problems associated with the back, shoulders, neck, hips and knees. It is also useful in depression and anxiety.


Double Dip at DOL

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are double dip days!

Come to…

…Wednesdays 5:15pm and the 7:30pm class is free

… Thursdays 7am  and the 5:30pm class is free

…Fridays  7:30am and the 10am class is free

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