Kirtan dates as follows:

24 November 2018

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Donations go, as usual, to Amma’s charities.

Workshops with Bryan



Azimuth Arts Harmonic Baths
Spring/Summer 18/19


Award winning producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Amarevois brings together 30 years of experience in sound design, audio engineering, music performance and meditation to create a sonic atmosphere or harmonic bath.

This 90 minute journey bathes the listener in the complex harmonics of live instruments such as gongs, bowls, drums, bells, chimes and cymbals, as well as flute, voice and wind harp. The effect of these frequencies is complemented by sparse electronic textures, drones and reverberation algorithms.

This unique experience offers you an opportunity to rebalance your vital energies and connect directly with universal spaciousness, as you listen from a deeper place of alert stillness to these elemental soundscapes.

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Regular Yoga Workshops

Contact Nina if you’re interested in attending, or if you have specific workshop topics you’d like see addressed.
You can find and join the Facebook group here.


Yoga Therapy with Bryan

When: By appointment only
Offered by: Bryan Rogers. Contact Bryan Rogers on +61 429 413 049 or for an appointment
Where: Private sessions for people at the DOL studio and from his home in West Heidelberg.
Cost: $50 per session.

Most of our current health problems are caused by stress and wrong lifestyle or attitudinal habits. Yoga Therapy endeavours to get to the root of these issues by relaxation, breath work, simple structured exercises, herbs, diet, meditation, sound and lifestyle changes that you can implement for yourself with help from Bryan.
Yoga Therapy can help with physical problems associated with the back, shoulders, neck, hips and knees. It is also useful in depression and anxiety.


Double Dip at DOL

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are double dip days!

Come to…

…Wednesdays 5:15pm and the 7:30pm class is free

… Thursdays 6:30am  and the 5:30pm class is free

…Fridays  7:30am and the 10am class is free

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